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Tours: Pre-organised tours

Our arrangements for small groups

Trekking tours, tours by jeeps or Méharée to attractive destinations.
Because they live with this culture, our Touareg guides know the Sahara better than anyone else, and they want to share it with you. Therefore your trip will be an unforgettable experience.

Tours in Algeria

kreis Stone castles and star dunes - Tassili Hoggar and Tassili Najjer (15 days)

kreis Quiet Sahara - Tin Rhero (15 days)

kreis Colourfulness in the sand - Tadrat (15 days)

Tours in MALI

kreis The bustling life on the Niger River - Mali round trip (15 days)

Tours in NIGER

kreis Desert of Deserts - the Ténéré (15 days)

Our new tours::

kreis Tassili Tin Rhero (15 days)

kreis Ahnet Imidir camel trekking (8 days)

kreis Tassili Tin Rhero and Tassili Tim Missaw (15 days)

Please ask for more details on any of our programmes.

Great Dune

Tour in the Desert

columns of basalt