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„Everybody needs some desert“ - Sven Hedin

Any organised tour can show you the highlights of a country, but to really get to know a country you have to take a look behind the scenes and come into direct contact with its people. And this is exactly what we will take care of! Our experienced team, which will guide you into the Sahara, is exclusively made up of Touaregs. These Touareg guides know this desert world well and know exactly what will fascinate you the most: unique landscapes with clear lines and different forms; people, who have adapted perfectly to their environment over the centuries, and other impressive sights that are indescribable and simply must be experienced yourself.

Touareg Voyages was founded in Tamanrasset in 1989. In 1992 it changed to an incoming agency. Since then it has successfully been working in the European tourism market. After the end of the rebellion in Niger in 1998, the subsidiary company Planet Sable was founded in Agadez. Both companies are family owned.

We offer our customers extensive travel concepts to a number of attractive destinations in the form of trekking tours and tours by jeep or Méharée with camels. You can book onto one of our pre-organised tours or organise your own individual tour, however you wish. In any case, you will have an experience you will never forget.

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